Omaex Dwarka Delhi, Sector 19B: Major Investment Opportunity

omaxe dwarka project offering lockable shop for sale.

Welcome to Omex Dwarka in Sector 19B, Delhi, an unparalleled development that promises tremendous returns and opportunities for commercial investors. Located in the heart of India’s largest convention and exhibition hub, the project is designed to be an activity and growth hub. Let us examine the highlights and overview of this remarkable development.

The main features

High-quality benefits such as rentals and well-known companies

OmeX Dwarka is an attractive, high-yielding investment in leases with reputed companies. The convenient location and high demand ensure consistent rental income, making it attractive to investors.

Opportunities for investors

The business caters to a wide range of commercial investors, providing opportunities such as retail, office and entertainment venues. Whether you are looking to set up a new business or expand an existing one, Omaex Dwarka offers the perfect platform.

Submit your EOI & enable discount before starting

Take advantage of our exclusive pre-launch discounts by submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI) today. This short offer period gives you a good opportunity to invest in low-cost stocks and secure your position in this great growth.

More than 400,000 people walk a day

With over 4 million visitors daily, Omex Dwarka promises to take a big step forward, improving operations and customer engagement. This consistent customer potential increases the value of commercial spaces in the industry.

Stadium lease rights – 30 years

Omex Dwarka includes a stadium with a 30-year lease, ensuring long-term stability and revenue generation. Sports and cultural events will be held at the venue, e.g.

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