DLF Announces the Exclusive Launch of The Camellias 2 in Gurgaon – A New Benchmark in Luxury Living

Exciting News from DLF

The company DLF Ltd. has recently announced a new project to be launched soon in Gurugram. This project will be launched in the third quarter of the financial year 2024-25. It is going to be called The Camellias 2 or Lux 5. According to the managing director of DLF Ltd., this property is planned to achieve a target of Rs 25,000 crore of sales. It will also be in the same segment,’ super luxury housing society’, following the success of The Camellias.

Invitation Only

The Camellias 2, also called DLF Lux 5, will be very special. You will need an invitation from the owner to buy an apartment here; basically, a thorough background check is needed before purchasing an apartment. This will make it an exclusive community.

Great Location and Big Apartments

The Camellias 2 will be in DLF Phase-5 on 17 acres of prime land. It is planned to be a huge residential society. They are offering 5 million sq. ft. of space. The project will have around 420 luxury apartments. These will be released in phases, starting with about 50 apartments. This phased release helps keep the quality high.

Bigger and More Luxurious Apartments

The apartments at The Camellias 2 will start at about 9,000 square feet. This is bigger than the 7,000 square feet units in the original Camellia project. These homes will have more luxurious features and amenities. Some apartments will have views of a lake. Others will show the beautiful Aravalli hills. These scenic views will add to the appeal of living in The Camellias 2.

Premium Pricing for High Quality

Prices for The Camellias 2 will be higher than those of The Magnolias and The Camellias. This reflects the superior quality, larger spaces, and luxurious amenities. Buyers can expect top-notch service. The living experience will surpass that of other luxury properties. The high prices show the unmatched quality and exclusivity of The Camellias 2.

Expansion into Goa

DLF is also planning another special project in Goa. This second “by invitation only” development will have 62 luxury villas on a 38-acre hilltop in Panjim. These villas are designed to offer incredible views of the Mandovi River. Construction will start in August 2024. These villas will range from Rs 40 crore to Rs 50 crore. The cost is affordable, considering standards, luxury, and comfort. The project, according to DLF’s owner, is expected to make Rs 2,500 crore in sales. 

Recent Success Fuels Future Plans

DLF recently had great success in Gurugram. They sold all 795 apartments in a new project in just three days. They made Rs 5,590 crore in sales. This shows the strong demand for luxury properties. The quick sales show there is a big market for high-end, exclusive living spaces. DLF’s reputation for quality and luxury continues to attract buyers. Many are willing to invest in premium properties.

Focus on the Super Luxury Segment

DLF mainly focuses on the super luxury segment. Following that, in FY25, it has planned to launch 90% of its new projects in this segment only. These projects will cover 11.6 million sq. ft. of area. Their potential revenue together is Rs 36,000 crore. The portfolio includes high-end properties in Gurgaon for at least Rs 60 crore. Exclusive villas in Goa that cost more than Rs 50 crore are also part of this plan. This focus on the ultra-luxury market fits well with DLF’s overall plan. They aim to serve the upper class of customers. Their goal is to offer the best quality of life.


DLF Ltd. has set high standards with the launch of this new property. This project brings a new level of luxury with its great location, huge apartments, and commendable services. The Camellias 2 will soon become a popular destination, perfect for those seeking luxury and comfort in Gurugram. After the immense success of The Camellias, this new launch would surely break records.

Moreover, buyers can look forward to high living standards and a quality lifestyle. It offers elegance, comfort, and uniqueness. In short, The Camellias 2 will be a perfect option for those wanting a luxurious lifestyle with comfort and incredible views.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog has been taken from The Economic Times, Moneycontrol, and EquityPandit.

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